Benefits of Owning an Electric Vehicle

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Electric Vehicles


Gasoline Vehicles
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250-300 miles

Average Lifetime Maintenance costs


Maintenance cost/mile

Up to $7,500

Federal Tax Credit


Day after day it seems like there are more electric vehicles (EVs) hitting the Kearney streets. While this mode of transportation may feel new and foreign, the growing popularity goes to show how advantageous it can be to own an electric vehicle. When you’re ready to upgrade your ride, you know you can turn to Roberts-robinson Chevrolet GMC, Inc. to find an incredible new vehicle

However, if you’re considering a leap into the world of electric vehicles, you may have some lingering questions. Today, Roberts-robinson Chevrolet GMC, Inc. is here to help you discover some of the advantages of owning a new electric vehicle, associated costs of electric vehicle ownership, and more!

Advantages of Driving an Electric Vehicle

One of the greatest benefits of making the switch to an electric vehicle for your commute from Liberty to Kansas City is the impact on the environment. Fully electric vehicles don’t have an exhaust system, so there are no emissions associated with driving. Along with that, the electricity that propels EVs can be a renewable source of power. Solar, wind, and water sources can create the power you need for your EV. Gasoline vehicles, on the other hand, always rely on finite oil. 

Reducing your footprint is not the only benefit that comes with selecting an electric vehicle for your next automotive upgrade. There are tons of ways to save time and money when you buy an EV. Many states offer access to HOV lanes when you drive an EV, this means bypassing congested traffic. You’ll also save time and money by reducing your visits to the mechanic. Read on below to learn how to get your home ready for an EV and for a deep dive into ownership costs!

How to Prepare for Owning an Electric Vehicle

Prep Your Garage

While there are a growing number of places to charge your EV while out and about, setting up your garage for charging is a must if you’re preparing to buy an electric vehicle. First, you’ll need to select a charger type, either Level 1 or Level 2. Level 1 is often included with the vehicle and can charge in 24 hours. A Level 2 charger will be a bit more expensive to install, but it can offer a full charge in about 3 hours.

An EV charging station

Familiarize Yourself with Charging Locations

While you will of course have your home charging set up to rely on, you’ll also want to consider getting to know some local spots to charge up your plug-in EV. Sources like PlugShare and Chargeway offer convenient ways to track down your local charging stations.

A person saving money in a piggy bank

Explore Incentives

While the sticker price on many electric vehicles can seem a bit bloated, there are tons of incentives to help make the purchase affordable. You can secure up to $7,500 in federal tax credits when you make the switch. Here in Georgia, you can also seek up to 10%, max of $2,500, as a tax credit to help cover the cost of converting to an EV!

Costs of Electric vs. Gasoline Vehicles

At the end of the day, the bottom line is a major factor in deciding what type of vehicle to purchase and when. There is some debate over whether it’s cheaper to own a gas or electric vehicle, so we’re here to deliver the facts. It’s true that EVs generally come with a higher price tag, but as we mentioned above, federal tax credits and other incentives can help defer those costs. What’s more, maintenance costs can be drastically reduced when you opt for an EV.

Since electric vehicles have a simpler construction with fewer moving parts, maintenance costs are minimal. You can say goodbye to oil changes and spend less time in the shop with an EV. Over the life of a vehicle, the cost of maintenance on an EV is roughly $4,600. Conversely, it will cost you on average $9,200 to service your gas vehicle over its lifetime.

In order to further illustrate this idea, let’s take a look at some premium gas and EV options. Many of us associate high maintenance costs with deluxe models. Tesloop recently published a study that showed that their Tesla model required just $11k worth of maintenance over 300,000 miles. A comparable luxury model in the gas-powered arena, like a BMW, requires an average of $13,300 worth of service during the first 75,000 miles alone.

Find Your Efficient Upgrade Today!

Now that you know about many of the exciting advantages that come with owning an electric vehicle, the time is right to head to Roberts-robinson Chevrolet GMC, Inc. to test drive your favorite model. Whether you’re hoping to bring home a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, or a pure electric vehicle, you can find exactly what you need among our new and pre-owned inventory. Visit us in Excelsior Springs today, or contact us to learn more about EV ownership!

*Based on estimates from the U.S Department of Energy.


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